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News from Vicki

30 September 2009

So we had the 'Jump in the Park', which featured Cougar and Willy, who were 3rd and 5th respectively to Amanda Madigan and Quindoctro.  Good class, maybe a bit long for the spectators, as they took 18 into the jump off, but the footing was great, and Mark Atkins built an excellent course.  Cougar and Willy both clean in the first round, then 4 and 8 faults respectively put paid to our winning chances.

Then down to Canberra for the Youth Titles with two truckloads of horses, six on mine: Monty for Nicky, Sam for Carrie, Favourite for Tarryn, Mich for Sara, and Bunty and Strutts for Jesse Whybro.  Warwick had Jane, Levi and Clyde for Sophie, and Betty for Lizzie. The Exhibition Ground at Canberra is a great venue, excellent stables, and the arenas large with good footing, but the weather really sucked.... 

But all the kids went very well.  Levi was kicked on the truck, so had a bit of a swollen hind leg, so we decided not to start him this weekend, but Sophie was great on her other two, Clydie being 5th in a Junior, and then 4th and 5th in the Young Rider Power and Speed (which she should have won, blonde moment to the last forgetting where it was after a super round) and Grand Prix respectively.  Sarah Meale won the Power and Speed on Noblewood Park Cassini's Girl, so it was kept in Team Roycroft, and Tom McDermott won the Grand Prix.  Carrie was great in the very strong Juniors on Sam, getting better with each class, while Nicky, Tarryn and Sara fanged around in the Novice Young Riders/Juniors.  Nicky got a 2nd and a 3rd, and Sara had 2 3rd placings, a good achievement, as she had only been riding Mich for a short time while Shrek is recovering from a paddock accident. Tarryn had really good rounds with the odd unlucky rail, and one blonde moment...  Lizzie is a green rider, on a very green thoroughbred mare, so they just piloted quietly as they could around their classes.  Jesse was good on Bunty and Strutts, and then a recent Team addition, young Stephanie McKillop on her super little Welsh Cob Cynan, was 4th overall in the FEI Children's Challenge.  So all had fun, despite the ghastly weather on Sat and Sun.  It was marginally better on Monday, I think it got up to 10 degrees.  Good tracks all weekend from John Vallance, Warren Priestley and Brad Longhurst.

Photos from Canberra Youth Titles:

Nicky and Monty flying in the Novice Young Rider Grand Prix
" "

Nicky and Monty were 3rd, with Jess Stalling also pictured, fourth on her super cute daughter of Emily Blinkworth's ARGENTINA
" "

Now onto State and Nat Titles with Cougar, Willy, and my 2 Errol youngsters, Puma and Nikki.

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