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News from Vicki

29 June 2009

Not a lot to report.  Winter still hasn't really set in yet; while the nights are cold the days are just glorious right now, so it has been a pleasure to ride.  Quite a few to do, as the short days don't allow the kids to have lessons during the week, so I try to work their ponies at least once for them during the week, which has actually been quite productive for them and their horses, as I address any issues the horses have, which the kids can work on in weekend lessons. 

My own boys are also being quite rewarding.  PUMA is such a star with such a wise head on his young shoulders, and has really benefitted from getting some individual attention.  Normally because he is the quiet, easy one, he gets to be the schoolmaster.  He was great at CCJC this last Sunday, so will now go to Gunnedah as a grown up horse.  GATOVAY also makes huge progress.  As he becomes straighter in his way of travelling, and learning about half halts, his enormous jump is becoming more civilized.  Ash and Welsom were also superstars at Jump Club, and IRISH popped aroung a 1.10 track in preparation for Gunnedah, looking better for being clipped by Margaret Vallance.  Lee on PUZZLE, Niccy on MONTY and Carly on BISCUIT all jumped great rounds.  Sophie also on CLYDIE and LEVI had lovely rounds in preparation for Gunnedah, Sophie also being pretty short of rides and outings due to the early dark days.

'Irish actually looking quite contented about being back at work again'

Willy Welsom

'Willy Welsom, as usual giving his fences lots of air'.


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