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News from Vicki

2 April 2009

Rain, rain and more rain! Guess we all should be happy in this part of the world, as it will keep our paddocks green, but after around 5 inches in the last 3 days, we are over it.

Last weekend went well, with Willy and Cougar going to Camden on Friday. This is a lovely show, and now much more easily accessible for us Central Coasters thanks to the M7. John Vallance, Jane and Jenny Frankum and Alice Cameron, of the Oaks Sporthorses, do such a lot to make this show the high quality one that it is. Willy was a star, being 4th in a 70 strong D Grade, won by Central Coaster Krissy Harris on her thoroughbred AB Initio, and he (Willy) was then 3rd in the 1.20 Power and Speed. Cougar was clear in the C Grade and 1 down in the jump off, so I decided against starting him in the Mini Prix, as he felt a bit clagged, and it would give me a bit more time to get organized to go to Muswellbrook the next day. So we had a pretty early start to get up there, as we had a bunch in the first 80 cm class! Sara and Shrek really showed their huge progress with a 2nd placing in this class, and Alyce Garroway also in 4th place on Favourite, who was being a far nicer ride for her than her hot mare. My new acquisition, an 8 year old thoroughbred Ash, bought from Ashley and Natae Jankowski (we've been doing a lot of business lately!), was 2nd in the 90 cm, then 4th in the 1.10. Alyce was 5th in the 90 on Favourite, and Amanda Soper on Indy jumped a super double clear to be just out of the placings, with both Amanda and Indy also going great. Sophie was 2nd in the 1.10 on Levi, then 3rd in the 1.20 on Clydie, with Carrie on Sam jumping a lovely double clear to be 2nd in only their second 1.20 class. Johnny Cooper got most of the bows at this show, but they had good numbers in all classes, with good tracks by Sue Bettington, and Brian Collard doing the job of making it all happen.

Sydney Royal now only a week away, so will keep us occupied over Easter.

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